Private Beach

Private Beach Reserved for Our Customers

Just a few metres from the sea, our Hotel reserves a beach umbrella and two sunbeds on the beach for each room, secured by a key and overseen by the staff and qualified lifeguards.

Besides its free shower service, the beach also has a cabin where you can safely leave your children’s toys.

You can enjoy the sun in tranquillity, choosing to distract yourself every now and then with a canoe or paddle-boat ride, or perhaps play a game of beach volleyball or participate in the water aerobics scheduled, and even start the day off by taking part in the morning exercises on offer.

To ensure you can relax in the best way possible,
we also organise activities and beach games to keep children safely entertained.

For All Your Family

The Adriatic Sea

The beaches along the Adriatic Sea along the coast of Abruzzo are wide and sandy,
ideal for entertaining young and old alike with all kinds of structures, water sports and long relaxing walks.
The shallow water adapts to the needs of all, allowing everyone to take a dip.


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